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The Grotta del Vento

Situated in the centre of the Apuan Alps’ Nature park, it is one of the most complete caves in Europe!

The Grotta del Vento is in the north of Tuscany, in Garfagnana, in the centre of the Apuan Alps Park, in an area rich in spectacular and interesting karst phenomena. Here the weather conditions have constantly dug, carved and modelled the limestone rock, creating impressive natural sculptures, such as the Panie Massif, the enormous arch of Monte Forato or the stone waterfalls and crevices of the Vetricia Plateau.
Run by a company made up exclusively of speleologists, it offers visitors ample guarantees regarding the validity and accuracy of the information.

Temperature inside 10,7° C

Rigorously constant, it corresponds to the average annual temperature outside

Open all Year

The Grotta del Vento is open all year (except the 25th December).

Variety of aspects

The touristic route is divided into 3 parts, with aspects completely different from one another.

The organization of the tours

Guides explain all the topics with scientific precision, although still using a clear and simple language accessible to everyone.

Practical walkways

The walkways are all in non-slip cement, equipped with strong steel railings and illuminated by spotlights.

Unique Experience

Offering all the aspects of deep karst environments, the cave is a true natural museum of the underground world.

Active formations

All the formations are fed by water, which apart from making them grow, makes them shiny enhancing their colours.

Natural colours

The led spotlights of the electrical system are all white light (4000 K), to enhance the natural colours of the formations, the rocks and the water.


Audioguides in 12 languages

As well as the guide in Italian available at any time, audio guides are available in: English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian. The service is free. DOWNLOAD YOUR AUDIO GUIDE


With its three itineraries the Grotta del Vento is the only one which allows you to see all the aspects of a complete karst system: vertical shafts, tunnels crossed by watercourses and rooms filled with wonderful formations.
Grotta del Vento


A breathtaking cave inside the Apuan Alps’ Park

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open all year (except the 25th December)


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